Sideburns and Scarves


Height comparisons, for both the AEUG and Titans. For the record, 168cm is about 5’ 6”, and 195cm is about 6’ 5”.

I always thought Char got taller between 0079 and Zeta, but according to the height charts for both series, Zeta just has a really short cast. And since being tall in the Universal Century seems to correlate with being an asshole, Char was hanging with taller folk in Zeon than in the AEUG.


well, its still not a hi-res, but at least its better than the other version I had

The White Base crew has the most perfect group shots. They are a beautiful family. Even Bright is smiling.



At first I was like “scirocco?”
And then I was like “oh hey Kai!”

That group shot is awfully adorable.