Sideburns and Scarves


Height comparisons, for both the AEUG and Titans. For the record, 168cm is about 5’ 6”, and 195cm is about 6’ 5”.

I always thought Char got taller between 0079 and Zeta, but according to the height charts for both series, Zeta just has a really short cast. And since being tall in the Universal Century seems to correlate with being an asshole, Char was hanging with taller folk in Zeon than in the AEUG.


Haman, fierce as always.

The other day I was feeling bad because I seemed to only like Hiroyuki Kitazume’s art when it looked like Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, but check this out! This is awesome! I don’t expect his contemporary work to look the same, but I expect the coloring to at least be on-par with or better than his work in the ’80s.

This pressure!

Yasuo Uragami - Mobile Suit Z Gundam - Love's Concerto
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Mobile Suit Z Gundam - Love’s Concerto

Oh Zeta Gundam, why did you have such an amazing score and why isn’t this track liked played at thousands and thousands of concerts. I’d like to go to a Gundam Concerto, if I had the chance.

Reblogging for the excellent song, but a Haman is fine too.