Sideburns and Scarves


Forgive me... I still have a place to go back to. Nothing feels as good as this! Please understand Lalah, I can go to be with you anytime.


Earth Federation Space Forces Mobile Suit: RX-78-2 "Gundam"
Status: Destroyed In Action
Entered Service: September 18th, 0079, U.C.
Destroyed In Action: December 31st, 0079, U.C.
Designated Pilot: Amuro Ray


Zeta Gundam fan art from 1985!! I love the shoujo manga-y style.


Naruko #13 for inknose with bonus Char/Quattro custom race pants and jacket for shmuffalo~

Naruko, the man in red, fast as a comet, who bought a Char custom Zaku Gunpla during his first appearance, would of course think Quattro’s outfit is cool and flashy.

Captain Naruko, he is a Char.

Naruko Naruko Naruko I love him so much and he doesn’t even need to be all red or wear salmon pink or buy Char’s Zaku he is just sweet and full of the pash and I have become a pedal


I’m so jazzed about Mobile Suit Gundam right now that I spent today making another one instead of doing my taxes. This one is the RX-78-2 Gundam. 

Also I decided that I’ll be selling this one and Char’s Zaku as a set of prints starting at MoCCA in NYC this weekend. Come snag ‘em and say whassup!

Seeing Evan’s Gundam illustrations at MoCCA Festival really ignited something within me.

It wasn’t just a sensation of “Hey, someone I respect in my niche field likes the same thing I do!”

When I saw Evan’s prints, I thought, “Yeah, this is it. This is the way I see it, too. This captures the sensitivity and the warmth and all those things I’ve tumbled over myself for thirteen years trying to describe.” And Evan may or may not see it that way. This is strictly about my personal response to the work, and we all take something different away from the media we participate in. But when we create, reflections of our inspirations are filtered into our work, and the elements of Gundam that are filtered into Evan’s illustrations are some of those which capture my heart most.

There’s the soft palette, showcasing a welcome amount of Minovsky Particle pink, and the slender and organic form that calls out to how Yoshikazu Yasuhiko animated the mobile suit. And then there’s just a general sense of playfulness in the proportions and rendering. It doesn’t go so far as to make the source material seem goofy and childish, as a lot of this stuff ends up doing in the indie comics scene; it’s reserved and full of charm.

Long behind me, there’s a community of passionate folk who can’t admit to obsessing over a children’s cartoon without justifying it through deathly serious and grim interpretations of such. And ever since I left that, I’ve been amongst wonderful people who I can’t be entirely genuine with, largely because I can’t articulate my love for something.

But Evan’s work, whether by coincidence or solidarity, captures a lot of that. And I hope the things I make convey the same for everything I love, animated, fleshy, and otherwise.

Anyhow, Evan’s original art is also wonderful, so please check it out. Apologies to Evan for using his art as a vehicle for my sappiness.


Today’s office drawing contest theme was Lego Anything and everyone came out swinging!

Emily (Grand Prize winner) - Gold Digger
Kate - Sonic
Hanni- a yaoi
Jeremy - Princess Mononoke
Eric - Gundam

Theme by Shane!

I turned Last Shooting into Lego with crayons!





this guy named Killing who just showed up is doing some straight VSWN (villainous shit with nukes) and the officer he meets up with in his facility is all up in arms about it like “DAMN IT, KILLING, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING? ARE YOU TRYING TO BREAK THE TREATY?” and I’m just sitting here like, his name is literally “Commander Killing” and he looks like this what were you expecting

Does the name make the man or the man, the name?

Favourite Gundam Ladies → Christina Mackenzie