Sideburns and Scarves


Kou helped me put together a rockin’ costume of my poké-doppelganger, Professor Sycamore, for the office party-type-thing.


Drinks with good friends

My hand is pretty amazing.


Forgot to post this earlier! Happy semi belated holidays bro <3 yeah. It’s you as a corgi. Good times.

Oh. Oh my gosh.

Emily is a wonderful person and a badass cartoonist and she drew me as a corgi, including my hat and my bag with plush platypus attached. There are tears in my eyes.

Seriously, how do I have such cool friends?

Appropriately, I saw this right after my thesis class.

Check out what came in today!

The Relgan is the greatest two-headed comics beast.

On Friday night, Kou and I were extremely silly and intentionally wore the same shirt. Kou also decided to tie my hair back at the CA meeting. I kinda like it; I just need to do something about my big black floppy bunny ears.

We’re wearing Yuko Ota's CMYcat shirt based on this Johnny Wander comic.

I apologize for blogging my cute face so much lately.

mecham replied to your photo: Guys, I’m probably not going to survive this away…

shmuff why so moe??

Uh, thanks you guys?

But I’m not moe. I’m not moe at all. I’m badass.

Just look at me consider this apple as a badass would.

An apple my boyfriend brought me because I was feeling sick.

I am so bad at this.

Guys, I’m probably not going to survive this away mission. I hope you liked my blog and enjoy what’s left of my queue.