Sideburns and Scarves


Forgot to post this earlier! Happy semi belated holidays bro <3 yeah. It’s you as a corgi. Good times.

Oh. Oh my gosh.

Emily is a wonderful person and a badass cartoonist and she drew me as a corgi, including my hat and my bag with plush platypus attached. There are tears in my eyes.

Seriously, how do I have such cool friends?





Welcome to the amazing fedora reference post.



I nearly tagged this as ‘beards’ because my enthusiasm for beards is rivalled only by my love of hats /csb


Renee Montoya/Question II cosplay, rehashed.

I couldn’t find my gloves (or my oversized buckle belt) for these shots, and this wig isn’t my actual Renee wig, but I wanted to take some test shots anyway. Excuse the cellphone photos—I wasn’t tempted to bring out the 5DmkII just to take pics of myself in the mirror.

The suit’s too big, but it’s nearly impossible to find anything in my size. I also realized Hamner’s Renee might not actually be wearing a mandarin collar dress shirt but oops.

It’s getting there, at least. My mask is ten thousand times better now that I remade it so at the very least I’m pretty happy about that.

Comic-Con, ahoy!


Funny you ask that! Vic’s actually visiting right now. Say hi to the masses of teenage girls, Vic.

But yes- Actually! Just earlier we went out and fought some dinosaurs (They were evil and we were on an island with a volcano on it, so we probably shouldn’t get into trouble). I personally punched a stegosaurus in the face. They give you the worst look when you do that. I think Question elbowed a velociraptor. 

Then we went out for a couple of drinks and I told him the ‘One Punch’ story. I’m certain he at least maybe cracked a smile. He’s got this great story involving shape-shifting gorillas that nearly makes me break a rib.

I think we’re going to go out fighting robot sharks later, but I think Bats wants me to help him with a whale first. 


Found Renee’s ref sheets.

I love Cully’s style.

Commence mini-spam.

Since you can’t reblog questions.

Really, everyone should be following this (and Megan and Rel, for that matter, since they make comics involving catacorns and dinosaurs and are graduating).

I Go Through Everyone’s Trash


Cosplay: The Question, being disgusting, by dangerousladies


Mafia Bowie (large picture)