Sideburns and Scarves


Hey New York! There are only nine days left until FRESH MEAT 2014!

Fresh Meat is the School of Visual Arts’ annual in-house comics fair, where our talented artists exhibit and sell their own self-published works.

Catch up with and browse the works of Molly Ostertag (Strong Female Protagonist), Aatmaja Pandya (The Bell Blues), Peter SchmiDt (/creepythread), and over 60 other exhibitors representing the next generation of cartoonists.

This event is free and open to the public!

WHEN: Friday, May 2nd from 6:00PM-9:00PM
WHERE: SVA Student Center,  217 East 23rd Street 
(Between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)

Join the event on Facebook!

Poster by Molly Ostertag. Fresh Meat is organized by Cartoon Allies in coordination with SVA’s Departments of Cartooning and Illustration.

Those crazy kids are at it again, and it keeps on getting better and better! Check out some of my amazing hard-working & talented friends at this year’s Fresh Meat, now hosted at the newly-renovated and super modern SVA Student Center!


What MoCCa 2014 was like under the shadow of Charlie Brown.


We’re exhibiting at MoCCA Festival 2014 from the most refreshing table at the show!

Aodhan Cummings, Kat Fajardo, Victoria Lau, Eric Alexander Arroyo, & Kou Chen will be debuting new books, selling prints & merch, and launching a cool new secret project!

Debut works include Aodhan’s new minicomic Hardcase McCorman in SEEING RED, volume 3 of Kat’s Sketchies, Victoria’s new Battle Pup stickers, Eric’s new giant robot coloring book, and Heaven from Kou.

Catch us all at table F5 on April 5th & 6th, at the 69th Regiment Armory (68 Lexington Avenue, between E. 25th & E. 26th Street, NYC).

Not only will I have a cool new coloring book, but there will be copies of PunchGun (ft. Mahou Shounen Poteto) too!


a knight has joined yr party


Today’s office drawing contest theme was Lego Anything and everyone came out swinging!

Emily (Grand Prize winner) - Gold Digger
Kate - Sonic
Hanni- a yaoi
Jeremy - Princess Mononoke
Eric - Gundam

Theme by Shane!

I turned Last Shooting into Lego with crayons!



I don’t even.


the alternate universe where the nineties kids’ jumping points into anime were Doozy Bots and the Saban remake of Sailor Moon



Hey NYC tumblpeepz! Is anyone looking for a couple sublet-ers for March?

the deetz: queer trans couple [artist+programmer], vegan, introvert, quiet. Lived in NYC but then moved to Philly for the past year. My partner starts their job on March 1st and we’ll probably be looking for our own place ASAP, but we’re trying to bridge the gap because we can’t pay the usual up-fronts for a place (we have enough $$ atm to sublet but not lease)

ETA: we’re looking for $800 or less! [pref in brooklyn]

Pets ok.

We also don’t really care about your personal lifestyle [if your vegetarian, or not; if you like to party/host parties; if you’re not queer or trans but are an ally] because we’ll only live with you for a month!

email justthekid at or send an ask???

[we’re also posting and emailing on craigslist and asking our other ppl’s ppl about this but yeeaaaah]

talking to CL ppl but only one reply so far!

If you’re looking for Grade-A cool people to move in with you, reach out to Adrian ASAP!


By Chance or Providence: Collecting my trilogy of mini comics in one hardcover graphic novel! Pre-orders are now up on The Werehouse, along with two limited-edition screenprints 

*If you are a retailer and interested in wholesale options for By Chance or Providence, please check out Lounak Distribution!

I’d very much appreciate you guys sharing this! I’m only printing as many copies as I get orders for, and I need all the help I can get to get the word out! <3 Love you guys!