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Free! Eternal Summer looks great so far

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A comiXologist Recommends:
Eric Arroyo recommends Head Lopper #1

Head Lopper is a rich and kinetic comic that explores the essence of sword and sorcery.

This opening story follows Norgal, the titular Head Lopper, to Scotland, where his profession of hired decapitator brings him into conflict with a towering beast. But his challenges only begin with feats of extreme violence, traveling through a world of corrupted morals and cursed with the heckling of a witch’s severed head.

Norgal is a mile-wide warrior of few words, and neither he nor cartoonist andrewmaclean has much need for those. MacLean depicts a battle of great combatants and greater stakes with precision and clarity; his streamlined art style breaks each beat of action down to its essential elements, yet never loses any dynamism in the process. Coupled with meticulously laid out panels, the visual storytelling keeps the reader involved with every step of the chaotic battle. Even in the book’s quieter moments, MacLean’s page structure and use of clear icons show a strong sense of visual timing that brings the page to life.

And that world that MacLean and colorist Mike Spicer bring to life is harsh and brooding, ripe with desolate architecture and complicated characters. Spicer’s colors add a haze of dread that grounds the comic’s over-the-top adventure. While the action-adventure storytelling is thrilling and efficient, the carefully curated details of the world surrounding Norgal’s adventure highlight its unique flavor, revealing a place where greedy men are the true monsters, sinister magic lurks behind every pebble, and a man finds his own way to stand for justice.

If the pulp adventure of gailsimone and Walter Geovani’s Red Sonja makes you let out a barbarian roar, or if you’re haunted by the gloomy fantasy in Becky Cloonan’s The Mire, swing for the neck with Head Lopper!

[Pick up Head Lopper #1 here!]

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Eric Alexander Arroyo is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and a Digital Editor at comiXology. He’s probably drawing giant robots or listening to ABBA.

Head Lopper is a really great new release through Submit, ComiXology’s self-publishing program, and you should read it!

Also I wrote words and stuff.


Pull up a stool and raise a glass! Today marks the opening of our humble tavern, and we’re stocked with enough black-label, triple-distilled comics to read yourself under the table.

Papercut Tavern is a collective of New York-based cartoonists who brew new stories every week, filling patrons’ ears with tales of tragic love, swashbuckling adventure, and utter foolishness, all while topping off their glasses with potent potions. Our tavern is host to new work from Kat Fajardo, Kou Chen, Pablo Castro, Victoria Lau, Eric Alexander Arroyo, Heather Nunnelly, and Aodhan Cummings!

Each series updates weekly, guaranteeing a new comic page every day of the week!

So prop up your feet and open a tab, ’cause we’ve got some stories to tell.

It’s been a long road to get this all together, so I’m happy and relieved to let this baby into the wild. My friends have a lot of amazing work up here, so please check out these talented guys!


The completed cover image for my rage is a whisper! When I print the physical minis, I will likely only print the lineart, but this one is for the web.  I’m very out-of-touch with doing full-digital but I like how this turned out :>

So excited for this <3

Happy Independence Day



A tale as old as time.

God this is so on point

that part about tragic circumstances


I wonder how many posts on this blog contain me screaming “laaaauuuuuraaaaa”


Hi guys! I’m so so excited to be giving a presentation at next weeks’ Comics Symposium! It’s going to be about my SVA experience and about the merits of going to art school/comic school as a cartoonist. I’m going to show a lot of my embarrassing (and less embarrassing) old schoolwork, which has never been and may never be online, so you should come and see it! I’ll also be showing my Rainer Maria Rilke comics, which works out great because there’s also going to be a great presentation about poetry and comics by the fabulous Alexander Rothman! It’ll also be moderated by the very amazing Karen Green. So yes! Come!

It’s this coming monday, June 30th, at Columbia University’s Butler Library in room 523 at 7 PM!

Aaaaahhhhhh coooool


the sports woans weren’t complete without everyone having one defining character trope



Hatchiken and Mikage from Silver Spoon leaning on what could possibly be interpreted as hay bales. I LOVE YOU KIDS SO MUUUCH. Watch the anime for free on Crunchyroll, then weep with sadness because there still is not a legal translation of this manga. Somebody publish it in English already, I want to give you money!

Silver Spoon is a gosh darn special show, and it’s a shame that the original manga (by Hiromu Arakawa of Fullmetal Alchemist fame) hasn’t been licensed yet. The story treats the challenges of high schoolers entering young adulthood in a real genuine way, and learning about agriculture is fun and helps you be a responsible eater! Also, Silver Spoon is an interesting companion to FMA; while Fullmetal shows that accomplishing your dreams requires hard work and perseverance, Silver Spoon’s lessons are more grounded and explore characters who have failed to accomplish their dreams due to things outside their control, or no longer know what it is they want to achieve.

I empathize with Hachiken and his experiences more than most fictional characters, so Silver Spoon makes me cry on the regular. I see a lot of my art school experiences and my current struggles reflected in it, and these elements are dealt with a lot more nuance than your usual feel-happy show. It’s one of my favorite “makes you wanna punch the air and challenge the world” shows, and it gets there through quiet moments, cute humor, and a mountain of sincerity.



Naruko #13 for inknose with bonus Char/Quattro custom race pants and jacket for shmuffalo~

Naruko, the man in red, fast as a comet, who bought a Char custom Zaku Gunpla during his first appearance, would of course think Quattro’s outfit is cool and flashy.

Captain Naruko, he is a Char.

Naruko Naruko Naruko I love him so much and he doesn’t even need to be all red or wear salmon pink or buy Char’s Zaku he is just sweet and full of the pash and I have become a pedal